Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breakfast Nook - Repaint

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Boy, sure has been quiet around here, eh?

Well, my partner in crime and I began some improvement of the homestead yesterday. Actually, I give myself too much credit here. She did the majority of the work (like, the MAJORITY) and I mainly got in the way and created more work.

We started on my breakfast nook. My previous attempt at painting this room was pretty sad. I had picked the paint color because I liked the name (Gumball Red) - I'm a sucker for goofy names. Also, I had intended on a White Stripes kind of theme, and Gumball Red seemed to fit that need quite nicely. After attemping to paint with an eggshell finish (disaster) and finishing with a flat (less of a disaster, but not great), it was still in pretty sad shape.

She said: What the before picture doesn't show is that you could see streaks of white paint through the red. You could see every attempted brush stroke and it just looked... bad. I knew we needed a darker red to give the room a warmer feel (and though it goes without saying - we needed more than 1 coat)


Rochelle, the Wonder Woman of interior design, pitched me the idea of a darker red, along with a white chair rail and chalkboard paint. It came out TREMENDOUSLY AWESOME. The level of detail that she put into this was truly impressive. We chose Delicious Red (and it surely is!). The black squares are all chalkboard paint, and we can't wait to write snarky things and draw funny cartoons all over the place. The chair rail and grout where the tile meets the wall were both painted a heavy cream - and it really contrasts the black and red and POPS!

She said: We still need to add an organization center to one of the black squares. Something to hold chalk, and keys and letters. I wanted this area to be the one stop for all things schedule and organization. A place for  David and his daughter to write up their schedules and activities for the week.. and fun doodles of course!

This is the same area as Rochelle decorated it for Christmas.

For in-between photos - check out the slideshow -

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  1. I love the blackboard idea. Nice to see you getting busy.