Monday, December 27, 2010

Dining Room Apocalypse

The dining room itself was a disaster. When the house was purchased, the crappy carpet was pulled and it was discovered there was nothing but concrete floor. For the remainder of the years that I've owned it *6* the floor has been nothing but unappealing and unwelcoming concrete. I wanted a quick fix, not wanting to go through the entire process of removing the tile in the entire kitchen, so we were looking for a solution that would work for just the part of the floor that already had the concrete exposed. In addition to flooring, we obviously needed to paint.


I suck at painting, so Rochelle handled most of the paintwork

Stymied for last minute, easy flooring options, one of the guys on suggested vinyl flooring called TRAFFIC MASTER ALLURE (it's available at Home Depot). It's a really inexpensive solution, as you can install it yourself, it can go over any pre-existing flooring, and is about $2 square foot. The guy at said it was easy enough for the novice to pull off in a couple hours, so we rolled the dice.

It came out great!

Each piece of vinyl was 6" x 36" and attached to itself - like a giant carpet of vinyl (when done anyway). Looks like wood, durable, easy to install.

After that, all that was left was to move the finished Dining Set & Console table back in, and decoration.


Ignore that random black/red rug. Rochelle was in the process of mopping the floor and it doesn't live in our new dining room :)

It came out excellent - especially since this project was more or less put into motion on a Monday evening, and finished on the following Saturday morning - just in time to start cooking Christmas dinner for friends/family.

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